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Street Scene.jpg

town & country buildings

These highly detailed 3D resin printed models have been designed from scratch to give your layout or diorama a unique look.  Most buildings are available in scales including;
T Gauge (1:450), 6mm Wargaming (1:285), Z Scale (1:220), N Gauge (1:148), TT Scale (1:120), British TT3 (1:101.6), OO Gauge (1:76) and O Gauge (1:43)

click on the images below for more info and
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Available unpainted or hand painted in most scales shown above.

small shop no. 1

Small Shop 1 (2).jpg

small shop no. 2

Small Shop 2 main.jpg

terraced house

Terrace 1.jpg

bulldog cottage / mountain house

House 07.jpg

bulldog cottage - HALF relief

House Low Relief.jpg

small shop 1 - half relief front

Small Shop 1 HALF.jpg

small shop 1 - half relief back

Small Shop 1 HALF 2.jpg

small shop 2 - half relief front

Shop2 half.jpg

small shop 2 - half relief back

Small Shop 1 HALF 2.jpg



terraced house - half relief front

Terrace half 1.jpg

terraced house - half relief back

Terrace half 4.jpg

chandler's ford - station master's house

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