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Oh Mr Porter Model Figures

scale figures

3D printed figures, created using a mixture of 3D modelling and 3D scanning.  

The figures are available in the following scales;

1:160 US N Gauge, 1:148 N Gauge, 1:120 TT Scale, 1:101.6 British TT 3mm Scale, 1:87 HO Gauge, 1:76 OO Gauge,

1:72 Scale, 1:64 S Scale, 1:56 28mm Scale, 1:48 US O Gauge, 1:43.5 O Gauge, 1:35 Scale, 1:32 Gauge 1,

1:30 Scale, 1:29 Scale, 1:24 Scale, 1:22.5 G Scale, 1:20 Fn3 Scale, 1:19 16mm Scale, 1:12 (Dolls House Scale)

All products shown are for adult collectors only.  Not suitable for children under the age of 14 due to small parts.

click on the images below to order via the online shop

eric and ernie

eric morecambe - scale model figure

Eric 00.jpg

ernie wise - scale model figure

Ernie 00.jpg

'stan and ollie' figures

stan - scale model figure

Stan Laurel Scale Model Figure

ollie - scale model figure

Oliver Hardy Scale Model Figure.jpg

the music box (piano & crate)

Music Box Piano (Laurel and Hardy) Scale Model

'Oh, mr. porter!' figures

William porter (will hay)
scale model figure

Porter 0.jpg

jeremiah harbottle (moore marriott)
scale model figure

Harbottle 0.jpg

albert brown (graham moffatt)
scale model figure

Albert 0.jpg

railway director
scale model figure

Railway Director 01.jpg

nestle chocolate machine


srni boundary signs


buggleskelly platform signs


level crossing wheel


figures for
buggleskelly windmill

Figures 00.jpg

buggleskelly bench

Bench 1.jpg

signal post & arm

Signal 01.jpg
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