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railway buildings

These highly detailed 3D resin printed models have been designed from scratch to give your layout or diorama a unique look.  They are available in most major scales including;
T Gauge (1:450), 6mm Wargaming (1:285), Z Scale (1:220), N Gauge (1:148), TT Scale (1:120), British TT3 (1:101.6), OO Gauge (1:76), and O Gauge (1:43)

barber shop / small wooden building
(N, TT, TT3, OO, O and gauge 1)

This is a small wooden building inspired by the barber shop smashed into by Duck in the Railway Series story 'A Close Shave'.  This model has been designed in both an 'intact' and 'smashed' version, and includes a fully detailed interior, again available 'intact' and 'smashed'.


The model includes a foundation which measures approx 2mm in 1:76 scale (OO Gauge).  This is to allow the building to be more realistically embedded into scenery as shown in the example diorama photos.


Available in the following scales:

N Gauge (1:148), TT Scale (1:120), British TT3 (1:101.6), OO Gauge (1:76), O Gauge (1:43) and Gauge 1 (1:32).

Order the Barber Shop / Small Wooden Building at my online shop here.  

Narrow Gauge Station Halt / Waiting Room
(N, TT, TT3, OO (oo9) and O (016.5) GAUGE)

This small station building is ideal for a country halt, a narrow gauge station or a separate waiting room alongside the bigger Crovan's Castle Station building.  It is in the style of a church or castle building with church style windows and crenellations on the chimney.  It is reversable so can serve two tracks, or can be used as a stand alone station building with an entrance and exit.


There is a fully detailed interior.  Each end has fitted church-style pew bench seating and in the centre is an open fire, with a hole underneath to allow you to fit an LED for realistic lighting from underneath.


It would also work as a bus stop or similar waiting room.

Order the Narrow Gauge Station Halt / Waiting Room at my online shop here.  

(N, TT, TT3, OO and O GAUGE)

A unique station building in the style of a church or castle building.  This model has been designed as a bridge between platform and baseboard level with steps and a baggage ramp access.  Ideal for a small branch line or even a narrow gauge station, I designed the model for my Sodor inspired layout 'Crovan's Castle'.  


With some imagination it could also be adapted to be a village hall, church building or even a pub. The colour scheme, posters and signs are customisable, and lighting is available in scales OO and O.  For full details and prices please click on the link below.

Order Crovan's Castle Station Building at my online shop here.  

(N, TT, TT3, OO and O GAUGE)

"It's a country station, rather off the beaten track."

"Oh, I don't mind, as long as it's near the railway..."


Buggleskelly Station is the dilapidated country halt from the Will Hay film 'Oh, Mr. Porter!'.  

This model has been intricately designed using production stills and on set photographs from the film, and is available realistically painted and weathered, or as a blank canvas to paint yourself.


Also included is a 3D printed Nestle chocolate machine and a selection of posters depicting the S.R.N.I (Southern Railway of Northern Ireland), 'in-jokes' from the film, and locations in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Order Buggleskelly Station at my online shop here.  

(N, TT, TT3, OO and O GAUGE)